MAX-OTG-U4 Question


I just discovered your product, and i think that’s just what i need, i am planning to use it for streaming video.
i just need to send max 2mb aprox, and i would like to know if i need to have another MAX-OTG-U4 at the studio, i am going to use the load balance and failover features only.



If you need secure communication, then another unit at studio is needed. You can build PepVPN between both sites.

Thanks for your answer, is there any battery option available?


Do you mean does MOTG has another model that built in with battery? If my assumption is correct then the answer is no.

Do you know about any external battery that works with the MAX-OTG-U4?

What is the max range of wifi cover?



I am not sure the external battery since we are not selling this.

The Wifi coverage is about 50 meters (radius). Anyway recommended to do site survey because the coverage may affected by others factor.

Two more questions

I am going to use the Speedfusion feature of the MAX-OTG-U4-SF on the field, what unit do i need to buy for the studio to receive the bonding on the vpn, and pass to a video decoder via lan?

I have enough internet at the studio (50MB dl) the VPN will come in using that wan connection?



Our sizing based on factors like Number of WAN link, Throughput and etc. You may refer here to choose the right model.

Hope this help.


Yesterday i get my new MAX-OTG-U4, and works as expected, now i would like to know if there is a trial license to test the unit with speedfusion, i already installed the fusionhub trial, and i would like to test the bonding feature to see if we upgrade to the next level.


There is no trial license available for the device itself, once the feature is unlocked it is permanent.

I bought the license today, how long it takes to get it?, are you going to send it via email?


I responded to you via email, you forgot to give us your serial number which we need to generate the license key.

I haven’t get the email yet, is there any other way for me to send you the serial number?


Key has been delivered.

Hi elduran I am exploring the use of a MAX OTG U4 for the same purposes as you. Are you using yours over multiple bonded 4G devices? Have you experienced increased speeds over just using one of your 4G devices?


Please find my advise here.