MAX On-The-Go & Route Utility

Hello everyone.
Have MAX On-The-Go, everything works fine (thanks for the quick addition of a support in the firmware of modems!).
After setting up the system, I decided to download Route Utility for Android - a great program.

Immediately after installation, in configuration WAN , Route Utility shows signal level in all my 3g modems.
Inspired by the setting and the restructuring of the system, I did not notice when these values ​​are no longer displayed in the Route Utility. :frowning:
But in the dashboard which I go through http, all the values ​​are displayed.

Prompt, what and where to look, that would be Route Utility showed me the signal levels in my 3g modems.
Reread the entire HELP, found nothing :frowning:

Thank you.

Hi Tuuls Shred,

May I know the firmware version of your MAX On-The-Go?

Could you please send us the debug report for further investigation? You may go to “Settings” in the Router Utility App and press the “Send Debug Report” button to send us the debug log. Many thanks.