Max on the go load balancing algorithm

I own a pepwave Max on the go to load balanced a vsat connection and 3 usb gprs modem.
Why can’t i see the “least used” algorithm in the list of available algorithm in the outbound policy settings ?

MAX OTG supports 5 load balancing algorithms (

  • Weighted
  • Enforced
  • Persistence
  • Priority
  • Overflow

Least Used and Lowest Latency are supported only by Balance 210 or above.

We can use Weighted algorithms with weights proportional to bandwidth if you have speed in mind?

Thanks kurt for your answer.
Weighted algorithm it’s what i’m using now. it’s work pretty well when all the lines give what they are supposed to give. I set up my outbond policy to (1 fo the gprs and 2 for the vsat) but in terms of bandwidth the isp service is very unstable (ether in vsat or gprs) and sometime the ping work but it’s the dns who doesn’t sometime i have full’s bandwidth for few second and a very miserable bandwidth for few minute. its a well known problem here in indonesia. All the ISP overbooked ther line and the global network is congestionned. It’s seem that the weighted balanced algorithm is little bit confused with that. I notice that if i change the priority of the Vsat connection to a lower one to have my vsat with disable status and then put it back to higher priority everything work fine again.
am i doing something wrong with my outbond policy?

Maybe DNS Lookup could provide a more accurate health check result. Sounds like your VSAT doesn’t like too many pings?

The Vsat link was already in DNS lookup. but your suggestion give me an idea. i have change for DNS look up for the gprs and ping for the Vsat before the gprs link were on smart check and the vsat on dns lookup. i’ll give a try for 24h to check what’s happen.
Thanks for your suggestion kurt…

No problem. Does it help?

Not really kurt.
but i guess that i was dreaming of solving my poor ISP problems by load balancing everything. but load balancing crappy bandwidth give me still crappy bandwidth. More but still crappy :wink: The problem is far far away upstream form the ISP overbooked in jakarta. I guess that my only solution now is to wait until they improve their services or paying a fortune for dedicated VSAT connection but i can’t afford it.
Anyway thanks for helping .

By the way, it’s very difficult to log on to this forum i have to do it 4 times …

It is a bit like a highway really. The MAX can let you add lane, control the flow of traffic to make sure every car is moving as smooth as possible. And with SpeedFuison, you can even merge all lane to come up with a super-fast tunneled highway.

But there is only so much you can do if it is there are so many bumps and humps along the road.

You are right kurt!
But tell me if i’m wrong, speedfusion wont help in my case. I’m using pepwave to balanced all my link for internet access or speed fusion help me to tunnel all my links in one VPN tunnel. For internet access, I would need an ISP who can handle speed fusion technlogie. But i’m pretty sure it wont help to improve my internet connection. Am i right ?

You are right. SpeedFusion cannot smooth out the bumps and humps along the road.

But SpeedFusion can keep all your data sessions connected even if one of your WAN goes down.

This is our unbreakable VPN solution. And this is very important for VoIP, security surveillance, mobile command, public safety and all sort of other mission-critical applications.