Max number of users

Peplink ONE recommended environment is 1-50 users. Peplink 305 recommended environment is 50-500 users.
Peplink ONE router throughput is 1Gbps, Peplink 305 throughput is 200Mbps.
Peplink ONE cost less than half a price of Peplink 305.
(I’m skipping deliberately features set, I’m interested into WAN balancing only)

Can someone enlighten me please? Why Peplink ONE by given throughput is recommended for smaller environments than 305 model.
And also what is the logic behind definition of “recommended users”.

I’m referring to this table:

many thanks

It’s correct that the Balance One has a higher throughput than some of the bigger units.

The analogy here is that the Balance One is just like a small 2 seater sports car, while the bigger units like B305/B380/580/710/etc are buses/trains that can carry a lot more passengers (more concurrent users than the Balance One). The smaller 2 seater sports car can drive fast but it can only carry 2 passengers.

Hence they serve different markets.

The bigger Balance units can handle lots more concurrent sessions (i.e. more users) which is the situation in most enterprise offices or larger branch offices. The Balance One is ideal for smaller branches which has less users, it is also good for remote power users who have state-of-the-art Internet connections (like fiber-to-the-home).

Hope this helps clarify the positioning. :slight_smile:

I’m considering the Balance One for home use. The problem I’m having with some of your competitors products (MBR95) is that when I have about 10 wireless devices going full throttle (streaming, downloading, etc.) the router comes to a crawl and reboots. This never happens on my R7000 WiFi router, but now I need WiFi failover/failback to 4g lte. Is the Balance One able to handle this?

The Balance One can easily handle this with no problem.