MAX Mini BR1 not connecting

Hello all,

I have an unlimited data plan SIM through Visible (Using VZ network) that I purchased online from a reseller. It worked fine for almost 1 week in my MAX Mini. Today it started throwing SmartCheck errors and I’ve been unable to access any webpages. After numerous restarts it now struggles to obtain an IP.

I also have a VZ jet pack with direct Verizon plan. Previously I was able to put that SIM into the Mini and access everything fine. I tried that today and the Verizon SIM is unable to obtain an IP as well in the mini. If I put the Verizon SIM back into the jet pack I can access the Verizon network just fine.

Is possible my mini was somehow blocked on the Verizon network? If so is there a way to rectify this?

Thank you for the help!