MAX HDX and BR1 cold restart watchdog feature needed

In our setup, MAX HD2 is located on rural area and about 300 km away. We found out that BR1 radio SIM module may freeze in certain conditions when operator changes something on their side and 3G/4G connectivity fluctuates. Despite that SIM module restarts itself when connectivity is lost in these conditions, the connectivity may not be restored automatically.
Today we just drive 600 km for re-connecting power cable, I think there should be some other way to overcome such freezing. For example, adding a cold restart watchdog function that activates only after predetermined soft restart cycles fails and reboots a whole device to bring the unit back online.
Of course, we can consider to install a separate remote power cycling solution, but it is not so easy to implement due to limited space on tower and this may add an extra point of failure instead.

Thank you.

We will enhance the module restart mechanism in firmware 6.1.1. At this moment, can you please submit a support ticket with turn on Remote Assistance of the BR1 unit? We would like to further investigate your unit.

Thank you again! When this new firmware is expected to release?

Any update on this? I have BR1s locking up more frequently that I’d expect. I’d even settle for a scheduled reboot feature!


Please open ticket here for us to investigate.

6.1.2 release has the cellular module reset mechanism implemented when a connected cellular WAN dropped off over a period of time. Are those units loaded with 6.1.2? If yes, then open ticket like TK said and we will follow up this.

I have a max BR1 and am looking for the same functionality where if the WAN connection or SF tunnel goes down for a certain period of time a watchdog type service will auto restart the device. I am currently running firmware 6.1.2 and do not see this feature anywhere. Can you please direct us on where the settings are?
Thank you!

note that the watchguard feature will not reset the whole device itself, it will just restart the cellular interface. You can find the feature by logging into the device and going to:
http://”IP of your device”/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi

Do you have details around the watchdog feature? The parameters and the fail criteria that would trigger this event?



Please refer to the forum thread below:

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