Max hd4

Is it possible to reconfigure one of the vlan ports to be wan port


We support WAN as LAN on certain Max models, but not port-base vlan feature.

Could you share more information on your deployment, and the reason of such request?

Thanks and regards.

The Box Im talking about is the MAX HD4
This has only 2 Wan GB ports
I need at least 4 of them to be able to Connect the outside com Interface that we need to use.
this meanes that we can use the 4 GSM build in units, and 3CNMA 450 (ICE units. this is spessial for Scandinavia) and the 4. one is Vsat.
To sum this up I need 4 Wan ports and onely 1 vlan port.

HI, the only way to achieve this currently is to daisy chain our devices. Since the CDMA 450 links are comparatively low bandwidth, you could combine them using a Balance 30 on WAN1 of the HD4 and plug the VSAT into WAN 2.

Are we talking about somthing like this?

Hi Yes. That’s right. The B30 will provide load balancing across the CDMA 450 links and present that load balanced bandwidth to the HD4 over WAN2.

There are a couple of limitations to this design of course.
The HD4 will not know the status of the individual CDMA 450 WANS of the B30, instead the HD4 WAN2 health check will only detect if internet access is available over the B30.
You won’t be able to have outbound rules on the HD4 that redirect traffic over specific CDMA 450 WANs since all outbound traffic on the HD4 WAN2 will be subsequently managed by the B30.
If you plan to use SpeedFusion on the HD4, only a single CDMA 450 connection can be used by SpeedFusion, as the underlying PepVPN protocol can not be load balanced.
If the B30 loses power you lose all CDMA 450 connectivity.

However you will be able to use all the connectivity for session based load balancing.