Max HD4 redesign for easier change of SIM cards

Good Afternoon
Could we please have a think about the location of the SIM card slots on the HD4 (and Balance 30 LTE, HD2 etc). We install these in racks quiet often and having the SIMs at the back of the rack is very annoying. Some times we have actually installed the unit backwards (with the antenna cables and SIMs at the front) but this does not look as nice and you can’t see the lights access LAN ports easily anymore.

Ideally the set up would be something like this;
Front- Ethernet ports, display lights, reset button, USB and SIM Slots
Back- Power, cellular antennas, wifi antennas

Thank You

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We received the same request from a Company installing HD2’s and HD4’s on Super Yachts. They told me it’s very difficult to de-install a rack on these Yachts and replace the sim cards. Any thought on this?

All our installs are on Super Yachts and the issue is usually to do with access to the back of the rack been very limited and then yes, quiet an operation to pull the rack out.

I have been looking at SIM extenders which would allow us to put the SIMs a few feet away in an easy access area

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We use sim extenders most of the time for installs like these. We order them in 1000 unit batches otherwise they can be prohibitively expensive. Give me a shout if you need to buy some!

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Stay tuned for more news very soon :wink:


Thats what I’ve been looking for! Want.


This is very exciting!

Awesome. Just. Awesome!

Dan, I see you have those mounted on a custom panel.

I’m having a custom Data-Pro rack panel made for my HD4 Install and I need to specify the cutout for the Sim Extenders. Do you happen to have a drawing with the correct measurements for the cutouts?


@Vincent_Royer Please see the specsheet with measurements below:
pepwave_sim_extender_specsheet.pdf (371.5 KB)

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Thank you Dan, but is there a cutout drawing? I need the measurements of where the SIM slots are in relation to the mounting holes, the spec sheet doesn’t really show it.



Ahh yes, that’s the money.

Thanks so much!

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