MAX HD4 MBX: USB Ports as additional lte ports


I have a question about the 2 USB ports of the MAX HD4 MBX. I would like to use them as additional lte ports. Normal lte usb sticks are too shaky for me and I want to use external LTE-Antennas. So I would use something like that:
M2 LTE Modem CAT12
I’m afraid, that the lte modem is not supported by the max hd4 mbx. Is there something comparable that is being supported, or what else could I do?
Thank you for a answer.


I think this is a good idea to build a enterprise USB-solution.
If all WAN ports are already occupied, nothing remains except the USB connection.

Has someone already tested such an M.2 solution? Would Peplink help with the implementation here? @TK_Liew



Unless something has changed, at most you will be able to use just one of the USB’s as for a WAN USB device.

Its possible to get a cellular module working with that housing, I have tested it, but you do need to find the correct cellular module for it to work. I tried a couple different SW modules, and could only get a few to work without requesting drivers be added by Peplink. Aside from that, I don’t believe the Peplink device will pull all the data from the cellular module (ie: signal strength, imei information, etc), I would have to go find one of the devices and plug it in to be sure.

I would recommend watching the OOBM webinar video, specifically the first one at right about 11 minutes in, should help answer your question to this. :wink:

Link here -


You’ll love our upcoming MAX Adapter. :grinning:

Stay tuned for something exciting in November. :+1:


Oh yes, I think the MAX Adapter is the ideal solution :+1:
And I can only use one of the two USB Ports as a additional LTE-Line?

Is there any news about the MAX adapter?

It will be available in the next 30-45 days. Sorry the original schedule has been slipped.

How’s this coming along?