MAX HD4 MBX pushes all bandwidth to an SSID when needed

Hi to everyone,
I have a MAX HD4 MBX.
I created two Vlans and associated them with 2 relative SSID.

So I have SSID A and SSID B

Both use all SIM cards

I would like that when SSID B users log in, all bandwidth is reserved for them.
I thought about outbound policies, but I don’t know how to manage that rule.
How could I do?

Thank you so much

Hi tecnico,

There is a QoS configuration in which you can choose which users to give priority and greater bandwidth, in this link that I send you you can review how it is configured, in general terms you must assign a classification to the network segment of your users from SSID B (In the “” User Groups “option) and later assign a percentage of the total available bandwidth (in the” Group Bandwidth Reservation "option) in this way you can give more capacity to the users of SSID B.

How to set up Peplink QoS, and what is its capability?

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Thanks for your answer.
I made the settings you told me.

I would like to know if there is a tool to understand if in case of band saturation it is allocated correctly as the settings entered (in my case 90% - 5%)

I would like to understand if the devices really use the band as per settings in case of saturation.

Is there any way to figure it out?

Thank you for your support