MAX HD4 MBX Not Sending RADIUS through LAN

We are trying to configure RADIUS authentication on an HD4 MBX. By default, it appears that RADIS connections are routed through WAN ports. Therefore we added static routes to direct RADIUS attempts (and other LAN traffic) to one of the LAN networks (“EM1-Management” in the picture below). After doing this, we can ping the RADIUS server from the Peplink’s LAN interface. However, we are not seeing RADIUS connection attempts reach our RADIUS server, and we are also not seeing them in the Peplink’s network capture tool.

Are there any known limitations with routing RADIUS requests through the LAN?

We have no problem with Radius authentication to the LAN side. This was tested with 8.2.0. I suggest getting help from your point of purchase to further check and diagnose the problem.

Understood, I will get in touch with our distributor.

This unit is running 8.2.0 as well, and we have another unit with a very similar configuration that is not having this issue. The only difference is that its two VLANs are trunked onto a single LAN port, whereas this unit splits the different VLANs onto separate ports. I’m sure there is a configuration issue somewhere, I just need help finding it. I will contact our distributor.