Please can you advise what VPN options are available for a customer using a MAX-HD4-MBX-LTEA-K-T

Does he need an additional Peplink physical hardware at the other end of the termination?

If he uses speedfusion cloud how does it work if the ‘other end’ does not have a peplink box?

Additionally, what is the best place to submit these type of queries?

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First question is why do they need VPN or what will they use VPN for?
Is it primarily for point to point secure communication or bandwidth bonding?

SpeedFusion Cloud provides session reliability and bandwidth bonding without needing any other hardware (virtual or physical).

If you don’t use SpeedFusion Cloud then you need a virtual / hardware appliance to make bonding work - without an appliance you can just use load balancing.

If you need an appliance you can host one yourself in the cloud (FusionHub) or use an suitable sized physical appliance.

Which way to do this depends on what the customer wants to achieve…