MAX HD2 VRRP with Fortinet

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Recently my user want to deploy max hd2 on their network but they want to use vrrp with their existing device “fortinet”. Is there a way to achieved this configuration ?.. From the manual, the vrrp only work in HA configuration with other similar device.

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This is my understanding too, Peplink uses VRRP as part of their HA configuration but only when paired with another Peplink. I do not believe there is any way for you to configure VRRP on its own on the Peplink side.

What is the intent here, to protect against hardware failure on the Peplink side? Can you move that FHRP back further into the network and then route traffic into the Peplink / Fortigate some other way?

One example may be to terminate the internal traffic onto some suitable device like a pair of L3 switches and then use some routing protocol to the Peplink and Fortigate. Depending on what models / software you have on both sides and what you are comfortable with here OSPF or BGP would be perfectly suitable.


Havent tried with Fortinet but have setup VRRP on a Peplink with a Cisco router and that worked fine. Give it a try :+1:


Yeah this works fine. VRRP is generic, the only thing specific to Peplink’s implementation is the config sync which is why Peplink always say two devices of the same type on the same firmware version…


Does the setting still on HA option ?.. if it set as master I think it will probably run. but if it set as slave I think it’s not possible since there is sn number that need to be insert.


Does Peplink have some manual to vrrp with cisco ?..

Thanks Before.

Hi cgreen,

Would you mind share some capture config on peplink side for this vrrp configuration. ?.

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Just try using HA as Master and the Fortinet as Slave. it just work :grin: and I only set HA config as Master.
For the vrrp function we only tested if the peplink power off, it switch to fortinet and will switch back to peplink if the peplink power on. Need further test if disable all WAN on peplink.

Note : forti priority 120

Thanks all.