Max HD2 stuck "Obtaining IP address..."

I have the same issue on a Max HD2. I have an AT&T SIM in the HD2 from my iPad Pro. The HD2 can see the SIM:
Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 9.29.42 PM

But it’s stuck trying to obtain IP address:

I tried many suggestions in the older threads—anyone have any new info on this? I checked on AT&T’s site if I have to give the SIM some special settings but there’s not much there and the few settings they suggest are not in the Details section for the SIM. Any other ideas?

Does the fact that in my first pic it shows the router knows all the details of my SIM mean that it is connected to AT&T to get that info or is all that info built into the SIM?

Does it matter that my HD2 is older. Warranty date says 2014 and hardware revision is 4. The product/model is MAX-HD2-LTE-E. I’m running the latest 8.1.0 build 4939 firmware.

Just did a quick test with my router by driving over to a cell tower that gives me 5 bar signal but the HD2 was still stuck on obtaining IP address. I thought maybe my signal was so low at the house that it could not get a good connection but I think that proves that wrong.

I have an AT&T SIM for their “wireless broadband” plan. I noticed yesterday that after trying to switch the plan to a higher speed tier it wouldn’t connect in my Cat 12 MAX Transit. That version of the plan technically requires a Cat 18 modem according to their site, and it was stuck at the “Obtaining IP address” message you’re seeing. As soon as I bumped it back down to a slower plan it connected immediately, so I’m pretty sure there’s a connection.

What plan do you have for the iPad? Maybe it’s not compatible with the MAX router you’re using. It might require something newer, perhaps.

My error is trying to use the iPad SIM in the HD2. Called AT&T and they said that since my iPad has unlimited data, the SIM is tied to that iPad and I can’t put it in another device. But, when I went to both AT&T and Verizon today to get dedicated SIMs for the HD2, they said their system would not accept the IMEI numbers from my HD2 and therefore could not issue SIM cards or data plans for me.