MAX HD2 PoE Enable?


On the Pepwave MAX HD2 Interface, under Network → Port Settings, there are PoE check boxes shown for each LAN port. However, these are not described in the documentation and their use is not obvious.

Could I get a detailed explanation of the PoE functionality of the LAN ports?

Specifically, my application requires different PoE schemes for each of two PoE devices connected to the LAN switch ports:

  1. One port will host a Pepwave AP One Mini, which requires 802.3af PoE
  2. One port will host a MikroTek Metal AP, which requires 24V PoE

One other port will be used and it is not a PoE connection.

The HD2 follows the 802.3af standard. You will need to apply 48V to activate the PoE and have the check box ticked under the Port Settings. As long as a device is able to work with the PoE standard, you should be good to power it using the PoE ports.

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I don’t follow.

Could you be specific about what’s meant when you say:

  1. Apply 48V - where?
  2. At one of the LAN ports?
  3. At the DC barrel connector?
  4. At the DC terminal strip?
  5. Activate - how?
  6. Do I need to pay for an activation code?
  7. From where to I get one? How much does it cost?
  8. How do I apply it to the Pepwave router?

Also, the 802.3af specification allows voltage in the range 44-56V, which is nominally 48±10%. Could you please let me know the real required voltage range, it certainly will never be 48.00V.

Thank you for your support,

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The HD2 is able to operate from 12v to 56v, this can be via the terminal block or the barrel jack. The supply that we offer, this is the activation kit, is a 48v power supply that you plug into the barrel jack but you can use another power supply so long as it’s able to provide enough power to activate the PoE. You will not require a license key to activate PoE.

We hooked an HD2 up in our lab and found that PoE worked from 41v to 56v.