Max hd2 mini -lost power during rebooting

I accidentally lost power while rebooting, now the device is on with red LED on status. I can’t connect to it, and I tried to reboot it, but it dosen’r responds.
Is there a way to fix this?

Bummer. If multiple attempts to boot fail, the next thing I’d do is to return to factory default and reload the last config you’ve saved.

I tried to to return to factory default, but the system doesn’t respond.

That’s curious. Give the reset switch it a good, long press – 30 seconds or so. Any luck?
Power failure during FW upgrade is always dicey but Peplink products tend to recover well from this in our experience.

I tried to let it boot for a day, tried to unplug and plug it back, tried the reset button and held it for more than a minute. Nothing. It stays with the status red led.

@BoniMosh, please submit a ticket and request for RMA if the HD2 Mini still under warranty.


Did they fix it for you?