MAX HD2 LTE IP67 power connector

I am trying to source a power connector for a MAX HD2 LTE IP67. I believe the Peplink part number is ACW-636 BTW. Is this a bespoke peplink connector or is it available from another supplier as I need one urgently.

many thanks

Hi @jonault,

Could it be that you’re looking for the PoE injector?
The part number for this is ACW-107.

I don’t believe this unit can be powered by POE.

Hi @jonault,

As stated on the Peplink website, the Pepwave MAX HD2 LTE IP67 supports 802.3at PoE input.
The PoE injector is available separately, part number is ACW-107.

If you would like to use a DC cable, you might be better off getting one from a local electronics store.
Unfortunatly I can not find a DC cable in the Peplink store.

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Hello @jonault,
We never have used the DC power option for any customers yet, we have always used a switch or PoE injector at the customers location to power over the Ethernet cable, two units for doing this that we are having good results with are:

These are solutions that are working for us and if you are in a bind, like what @Joey_van_der_Gaag said, these are options to help get you reconnected, use them as a guide with choosing alternatives from your local supplier.

The DC connector that comes with the unit requires you to attach your own suitable cable, this is done to give the maximum flexibility in how the unit can be installed.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Many thanks for the information. unfortunately we don’t use the WAN port and the unit is housed on the roof of a vehicle(we have about 30 units already in operation). We provide power from the vehicles battery system. The units are provided with a dc connector but unfortunately I have mislaid one so was trying to source another.
I have bodged a cat5 cable (connected it straight onto the vehicle’s DC system) and plugged this into the WAN port as a temporary fix