MAX HD2 IP67 with Sim Injector and Balance One - SIM not working on Cellular 1 but working on Cellular 2

Hello guys,

I have an issue with my deploiement of 2 MAX HD2 IP67 with one Sim Injector and 1 Balance One router.

We are using 2 cellular provider, 1 cellular provider work on both Cellular module of the 2 HD2, but the other one only work on Cellular 2 on both HD2.

The provider who is not working show Roaming on Cellular 1 but didn’t show it on Cellular 2. I have enable Roaming on all the SIM card in the Advanced menu → Remote Sim Management. But it’s not working.

Event when i configure only the SIM card that is not working in the Remote SIM Management (WAN configurations) it doesn’t work.

Cellular 1 is LTE-A
Cellular 2 is LTE-A Pro

Both cellular providers work in LTE.

Anyone had this before ?