MAX HD2 how to reach 169.254 network

Hi to everyone,
I need to reach a CCTV with link-local ip address (
The CCTV system is it not of my competences, is it impossible to change IP address

I have a HD2 router with my devices connected in LAN1 and internet in WAN1.
I connected the system of CCTV in WAN1 but I can’t reach the CCTV.
If I try to change the IP of 1 camera with another IP (like it works correctly.

I have the following network configuration:



  • HD2

    • WAN 1 - DHCP ON
    • WAN 2 - Static IP - - DHCP OFF (connected to PoE SwitchI )
    • LAN 1 - - DHCP on
  • Oubound Policy

    • CCTV
      • Source
      • Destination
      • Algorithm Enforced
      • Enforced Connection WAN: WAN 2

It is possible to ping camera from WAN 2.
When I try to ping camera from PC (connected in LAN1) I
I noticed that it’s the pc itself that replies negatively to the ping.
Ping does not reach the HD2 device.
I think because 169.254.xx.xx it is a special link-local network, PC doesn’t try to reach it.

Is it possible to reach the link-local network of CCTV?
Do I have to setting special routing roule?

Thank you so much to everyone


169.254. is an APIPA Address. This is nothing to be used in a network.
Normally if you see such an address you know, there is something wrong.

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As dennis mentions 169.254.x.x is an automatic private ip address and is designed so that computers on a local network can communicate and find each other without a dhcp server /router.
I’m fairly sure that peplinks will not route the special range 169.254.x.x
see What are some IP addresses that might indicate I have a network problem?

Why is the cctv network on the WAN side?
What are you trying to accomplish, do you just want the cameras in another range?

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Thank you to all.

At the end I decide to use a Balace 20 connected to HD2 by WAN to WAN.
I did NAT roules inside the Balance 20 who nat all cctv (example to and additionals IP into WAN setting.

I configure WAN of HD2 to be and WAN of Balance to be
If I connect device into HD2 now I can connect to 192.168.45.xx cameras.

This is the only way that I found to workaround of the local link IP.