Max HD2 Dome -WiFi WAN feature-

Hello Team,
Some of our customers using external antennas, we recommend Max HD2-Dome to overcome the problems caused by antenna losses and mounting difficulties. However, especially yacht users generally would like to use the WiFi -Wan feature. Is this feature already available in the road map? If no, could you add the Wifi-WAN feature to Max HD2 Dome? This feature would be great for yacht projects.

Thank you


This is a valid request and I have thought about it myself.
The HD2 Dome currently does not have space for the additional antennas required for wifi.
Would you consider a larger dome if it supported wifi?


I would consider a larger dome if it supported WIFI.

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Hi, Thanks for your interest. It could be a larger dome. This is acceptable for the WifiWAN feature.

I second this suggestion as well. A slightly larger dome is acceptable.
It would also be good if the WiFi can be configured both as WAN bridge or as AP, as I can see this being useful when you wish to place an additional AP on the exterior, when using multiple domes.

Thank you.

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Worthwhile request - would be cool to see WiFi as WAN in the HD1 and HD2, even standalone WiFi as WAN dome.


I do have to ask, in a WiFi as WAN scenario, what happens if the dome is mounted higher than the transmitting WiFi AP that might be on a dock? Can the antennas being in a dome some how get a good line-of-sight to the outdoor AP that might be lower on a dock or building? Also, likewise, if one is trying to use a dome for local LAN AP, the antenna orientation being pointed more towards the sky rather than below, could be an issue?

Finally, another thing to consider if the design is going to be tweaks, is 1x14 marine mounting so it can screw onto various mounts made for or already on boats/yachts.

Having done a number of HD1 dome installs on boats, having WiFi as WAN would solidify it as a primary choice for many boaters. Having a bigger dome is totally fine.

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Another thing I’d like to see is the BR1 IP67 with the ability to support remote sim.
Once mounted it’s a real pain to retrieve the sims.
It also already has wifi-as-wan, and is a POE powered external rated device.

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