MAX HD2 Dome Europe or Global version?

Hi again guys,
Im looking to install a MAX HD2 dome on a larger ship with approx 100 ppl onboard. It will mostly be working in and around Europe but there is a good chance that it might go even further south… So my question is:
What benefits/disadvantages do I have when choosing between the
Worldwide version (MAX-HD2-DOM-M-LTEA-W) and the
Global version (MAX-HD2-DOM-M-LTEA-WK) of the unit?

Im guessing the global version would simply be better due to the support of more bands and CAT-12, or am i missing something?

In the nearest future the ship will work in UK as well as in Germany/Netherlands, does that make any difference on the choice of model?

Thank you for a great forum!

No one? I usually get some quick answers in here :slight_smile:

Its not just about the extra bands - its how a CAT12 can aggregate multiple bands.

Let me put it this way. I will only choose to buy routers with CAT12 and CAT 18 modems now. The extra bands and the carrier aggregation make a massive difference to the acquisition of reliable bandwidth when an install is transient (like yacht or bus or car).

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So why would you sell the worldwide version which is not as good as the global? Is this because of laws and regulations?

And would it not be better to buy the american version which is equal to the global version but supports another frequency B14??

Cost - its cheaper than the CAT12/CAT18

Better for who? If you were a first responder in the US sure. Otherwise why bother B14 is not used anywhere else. (No idea as to cost either).