MAX HD2 - Boot Time Seems Long


I have two Pepwave MAX HD2 devices that I’m using to setup up a bonded connection using SpeedFusion. On each of them I am using the two WAN Ethernet ports (connecting to the other Pepwave over two 802.11 separate devices on each end, 4 total), one of the embedded cell phones, and the embedded 802.11 modem. All of these devices are powered on at the same time.

My timing shows that it takes about 3 minutes to boot up the Pepwave, at least that’s how long it takes to respond to pings. And then perhaps another 2 minutes for all of the connections to come up and be bonded by SpeedFusion. So a total of 5 minutes to be able to use the bonded connection. :frowning:

Is that typical for this device? If not, is there some configuration change that might speed this up? I was really hopping that the bonded connection might be available in about 1 minute. Is that just dreaming?

Thanks much

Hi MiglesTech2a,
Your findings are inline with what we typically see across all of our HD2 devices. They are quite slow to boot even with a simple configuration. I think it’s an CPU bottleneck as the HD4, which contains a faster CPU, tends to boot in between 1 to 2 mins.

I too would be love to see an improvement here but I’m not sure it’s likely if it’s hardware constrained.


This is very subjective (e.g. type of WAN connection you are using). Ideally 5 minutes and below are acceptable to have everthing works in right track.

Please take note HD2 still consider a small - medium range of device.

Is there an hardware update planed to bring the HD2 inline with the HD4?
Mainly increased CPU, Threw put, LAN ports and 5GHz wifi (WAN & LAN)

Thanks for the feed back. I appreciate the great responses.

I couldn’t find information on the processor used in the HD2 or the other MAX devices, is that available? I’m not sure if GNO-2014 was asking if Peplink would produce a new HD2 that would have a faster processor, but I would like to know if there is some means to me to upgrade the hardware. Could I replace the processor or overclock, more memory? Anything else?

If I could improve this time by 1-2 minutes that would be great - and without having to buy two new Peplink devices.

Hi all,

We do have plan to refresh HD2 by this year tentatively. Of course this including the processor upgrade. Stay tuned!

Hi MiglesTech2a,

Please take note warranty will be void if you replace processor or memory. Therefore this is not recommended.

how does the HD2 & HD2 mini boot time compare?

Thanks TK Lieu. Will make the HD2 more comparable to the HD4 :slight_smile: