MAX HD1 w. SIM Injector

Does anyone know, can the MAX HD1 Dome load balance multiple WAN uplinks via the SIM Injector ethernet ports? Or is a multi-WAN balance router also required? Thanks.

Hi jwleslie,

the HD1 Dome is a single cellular router. You can use 1 SIM-Card at the same time. With the SIM-Injector you can switch the SIM without touching the router, but you can’t use more SIMs at the same time.
If you need that, have a look at the HD2 Dome.


Thanks Dennis,

The additional uplink is satellite via Ethernet WAN. So from you reply I think you are saying this is not something the HD1 Dome could handle? Thanks.

The HD Domes do not support an ethernet WAN. It is cellular WAN only

Thanks for confirming Sam. Regads.