MAX HD1 - Antennas Diversity or MIMO?

Are the HD1 wifi 2.4/5GHZ for MIMO or diversity?

How about the cellular antennas are they for diversity or MIMO?

Specsheet just says Simultaneous, Dual-Band 802.11ac AP & Wi-Fi WAN


Assume you mean a BR1 MK2.
As far as Iā€™m aware all antennas are MIMO. @mldowling will know for sure.

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Hello @abautista,
As the Pepwave MAX HD1 has not been publicly released yet, we can only comment on what Peplink/Pepwave products have had of the past.
The cellular modules used by Peplink/Pepwave are MIMO (Multi In, Multi Out), to get the best out them you need to have matching antennas on both connections.

The Wi-Fi modules vary, some have a single antenna connection, most have at least two (some have more). It is important again to ensure that the model is connected with matching antennas when there is multiple connections or you will not get the benefits of the MIMO on these (and in turn the diversity).

You local peplink partner has access to an antenna selection guide within their section of this forum, they can assist you further with information on choosing suitable antennas for your applications.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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