Max HD Firmware 6.2 upgrade questions

Our current firmware is version 6.1.2. We have tried 2 different ways to upgrade to 6.2 per the e-mail we received. 1) within the Pepwave interface, using the ‘check for firmware’ button. That says there is no new firmware available. Hmm. 2) downloaded the file fw-m700-hd…2895.bin from the web site, then ‘choose file’ for manual firmware upgrade. We get a message back, “You are advised to download the active configuration before upgrade. Are you sure you want to upgrade the firmware?” I don’t even know what ‘active configuration’ means here. I don’t want to mess around with a firmware upgrade with the wrong file or file type, so I have cancelled and will wait to hear back from someone more familiar with the process or the meaning of these messages. Thanks!


This is normal when you choose 2nd way to perform upgrade. Please find the attached below:-