Max HD 1 Dome + Wifi as WAN?

I’m planning an install on my sailboat with the Max HD 1 Dome. I’d like to be able to use the Wifi-as-WAN feature to connect to the marina wifi, as well as run a local wifi network for devices on the boat to connect to.

What would be the ideal product to tie the Max HD 1 Dome and SIM injector together? Would the Surf SOHO work? What would the network look like? Would the HD 1 Dome plug into the WAN on the Soho Surf, and then the SIM injector plug into the LAN?

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This has been discussed before

Have you read any of the past threads

I’d want a dedicated WiFi WAN antenna and a dedicated WiFi LAN AP

I have been reading through the forums quite a bit, but haven’t found anything that addresses this exactly. I also haven’t been able to find a basic diagram for using an HD Dome + SIM Injector + ??? to create an network with both internal WiFi AP and WiFi as WAN. I know its probably a very simple answer, but I just can’t seem to find it. The closest I can find is a this thread, and it is a product idea: HD1 Dome + SIM injector + Marine Feedback - #9 by stevemitchell

When you say you want a dedicated WiFi WAN antenna, do you have something specific in mind? I found the APs already, that seems straightforward. Also, I am trying to keep the system simple and avoid having 5+ devices to accomplish what can be done with a single MAX Transit.

The other thread I started was about antennas, so I didn’t want to confuse it with this different topic.

Take a look at this, it could suit your needs - POYNTING EPNT-1

Im considering buying the directional version of this and using it on a mast when I am remote campsites in the mountains. POYNTING EPNT-2

I would us a omnidirectional antenna, not a directional! With a directional antenna you have to adjust it everytime. Only a 360° antenna is recommended for a moving device.

Can we please focus on the thread here. I’m looking for the simplest way to achieve Wifi as WAN with a MAX HD 1 Dome - it already has all the antennas built into it.

Dont mount the WiFi WAN antenna too high. Think about where access points will be.

Thanks, I would like the WiFi antennas at deck or coachroof level. What I meant was the MAX HD1 Dome has all the cellular antennas already.