MAX Cellular Router - Outbound Traffic Manipulation over Public & Private Networks


  • Organization with HQ and multiple mobile offices
  • HQ subscribed to 2 types of WAN services, Private WAN (eg. IP/VPN) and Public Internet links
  • Mobile offices installed with 2 cellular SIM cards, Private WAN and Public Internet services
  • Each Mobile office has 2 internal networks, General Internet Access Group (GIAG) & Private Intranet Access Group (PIAG)


  • At Mobile offices, both of the internal networks shall be isolated from each other, example using VLAN
  • The Intranet traffic will go through Private WAN, while Internet traffic will go out via Internet link
  • The hosts in GIAG cannot access to services in PIAG, and vice versa

Recommended Solution:

  • Deploy MAX HD2 in each mobile offices, and Balance in central site
  • Create 2 VLANs, VLAN 1 for GIAG, and VLAN 2 for PIAG
  • Define Outbound Policy #1 - to enforce VLAN 1 (GIAG) hosts go out Internet via Internet services cellular WAN
  • Define Outbound Policy #2 - to enforce VLAN 2 (PIAG) hosts go out Private Intranet via Private cellular WAN
  • At central site, relevant Outbound Policy should be in place to ensure Internet and Private Intranet traffic will go to correct WAN interfaces

Devices Can be Deployed: Balance Series and MAX HD2/HD4 Series

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