Max Cat18 settings for ATT sim

What would be the correct settings for using an ATT Tablet data plan sim?

The AT&T tablet plan is not for routers but we have a few cases where it works – at least for now. The APN is “broadband” which should be set automatically.

Pretty sure I read last year on HoFo that AT&T was cracking down and the tablet/ipad plan stopped working or would lead to suspensions?

I believe those were the prepaid plans. I’m not aware of the postpaid iPad/tablet lines being disconnected for use in a router.

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That’s what I thought will know in a few days…just checking for settings if it is detected as Broadband or? Thanks

Every time I’ve put an AT&T SIM in a Pepwave device, it automatically detected and applied the proper settings. It just works.

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@2987jb did you have any trouble getting an AT&T sim to work in your Max18?