MAX BRI1 + Poynting Antenna - performance & distance


We have oil&gaz offshore platforms at 15Kms from the coast. Pylons with 4G networks all along the coast. An experience to share regarding power of a marine antenna Poynting OMNI-291 or OMNI-400 coupled with 1 MAX BR1? I would like to evaluate the relevance of proposing a WAN Hybrid solution (MPLS over Microwave + 4G LTE) for these platforms? And if the BR1 with Poynting antenna can receive a correct signal, would I have a usable bit rate? Thank you for your experience feedback

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Hi Plunian,

yes the OMNI-291 is a good antenna in combination with a Peplink router.


We do quite a lot of offshore work now. Depending on the height of the vessel, you can easily get 20km+ offshore. And that will be at whatever speed the tower can provide.



We have successfully deployed antenna solutions for Peplink equipment used over 40km out to sea for at the Australian Great Barrier Reef. Peplink has a case study on this:

There is a great amount involved with correctly choosing an antenna system that will deliver what you need.

Most Wi-Fi antenna system for MIMO performs best with an out of phase antenna array (+/- 45 Degrees of the vertical), meaning you can have a very tightly packed antenna with exceptional performance. This is very difficult with moving antenna systems.

We suggest that you contact your local Authorised Peplink Partner for specialised assistance.

Your local Certified Peplink Partner can help you with a copy of the Antenna Selection Guide for Peplink Partners , this is a detailed guide and is only available to the Peplink Partners so to ensure that you are helped in working through it to get the most suitable antenna solution to your application.

Remember that the majority of these systems are MIMO (Multi-In, Multi-Out), so you must ensure you use antennas and cabling that are suitably designed for the application.
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Marcus :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Martin. Very clear.

Offshore rig are about 20m up to the sea. High enough. I will keep 20 kms for a minimum distance with fix Poynting antenna.

I watched it. great testimonial. More than 30 kms is quite impressive with Omni antenna. Thanks a lot, Marcus.

Which antenna manufacturer did you use ? do not look Poynting antenna.

We used high-quality antennas manufactured by RFI Wireless (Australia). The antennas are from their CDQ series.

There is more to making this work than just the antennas. There are customisations and a substantial amount of expertise in the way the solution is designed to operate.

Your local Certified Peplink Partner can access this information and supply you with the solution pre-built if you need. Several of the Certified Peplink Partners will travel (for a fee) to do specialised deployments and projects like this. We recommend seeing if your local Certified Peplink Partner can do this with you. If your local Peplink Certified Partner does not have the expertise, they can reach out to Peplink HQ and get connected to a specialist that can work on the solution with them.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Thank you, Marcus for your help and experience sharing.
We are certified PEPLINK Partner :slight_smile: Based in Cameroon.
But new in design and implementation of Long range Antennas with PEPLINK.
That’s why all of this questions