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**MAX BR2 Pro**

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Rapidly deploy this tough All-In-One device for any scenario to achieve unbreakable 5G.

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This is a really neat piece of kit. Kudos to the team for integrating so many features into such a great sized unit. I am confused by one little thing however. Max “Router Throughput” on so many of these newer devices is still limited to the “1 Gbps” speeds. When you have dual 2.5G WAN and multi-5G capability, the throughput should be increased to at least the speed of the fastest connection if not more.

They exist, in the form of the HD2 MBX. The SoCs that can route the higher throughput are a lot costlier. It is a bit silly that the SoC used in the BR1/BR2 Pro models does have 2.5GbE ports without 2.5Gbps routing performance, but Peplink is dependent on what is available by hardware suppliers. Which in the current time is not so readily available sadly.

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