Max BR2 IP55 Speedfusion Hot failover

Can the BR2 hot failover between 2x LTE modems?
If so, will the failover occur if packet loss occurs rather than the VPN dropping out?
If I’m streaming live video would the failover be transparent?


  1. Correct it will have 2 embedded SIM card slots for this.
  2. The Fail-Over mechanism is basically governed by the Health Check method that you have setup. Needs to fail the health check to fail-over.
  3. As far as the fail-over process, you should not see a delay in the stream or have it cut out for any reason should the active WAN drop out, provided you have a secondary internet connection.

Can the healthcheck be set to monitor network speed, for instance if the speed should fall below 3Mb/s then the system will fail over?

The speed of the connection is not a metric that can be used to determine fail over, rather we rely on latency and packet loss.