MAX BR2 cellular antennas

I made some tests with max br2 and the cellular wans. I have a very low 3g signal so I try to attach an external antenna, and have the same behavior. The reason of the low signal is the mx position. The router is inside a carobon fiber box and I have -82 inside it. When I pull it out the signal increase to -54. External antennas (9dbm umts omni) are installed outside the box but I have alway -82. I have about 1mt of lowless cable. Seems that the max doesn’t switch between internal and external antennas. It is possibile ? I cannot find any software flag for it… How do i ?

The MAX will automatically switch between internal and external antennas, there is no software setting for this. It sounds like the antennas are not performing, you should confirm the frequency and make sure they are compatible.

Hi neo, I just realized you are talking about the BR2-IP55 and I had the regular BR1 on my mind. Please open a support ticket for further investigation: