MAX BR1's making a huge number of DNS requests

We have 40+ deployed BR1’s in use in our fleet of vehicles. We’ve noticed the devices are making a huge number of DNS inquiries to each of our internal DNS servers.

Is it normal that the devices are performing DNS inquiries about every two seconds? Could it be the Health Check causing the flood of DNS traffic?

This sounds like normal health check behavior as DNS inquiry is the default method. The settings can be changed via the Details tab of the cellular connection.

If the BR1 LAN clients use the BR1 itself for DNS resolution, the proxy will resolve DNS using public DNS servers on the WAN(s). If the LAN clients are issued “internal” servers for DNS resolution you will see DNS requests show up as active sessions. Health checks may also use DNS to public servers, but not every two seconds. The health check interval is 5 seconds by default.

Hi, I had a problem with my BR1 making a huge amount of requests and disconnecting constantly. I turned off health check and the situation has improved however I still lose internet connection every few minutes and have to wait for it to reconnect before continuing. I wonder if the DNS request is the problem or perhaps someone could point me in another direction. I have good 3G signal using external antenna connected directly to pepwave aerial port. I am in UK using ‘3’ as the carrier. The DNS servers are set to and The installation is static at home address rather than a mobile application.

have you tried extending the intervals for DNS requests, another option is other DNS servers such as google ( or I think ticking the public DNS servers does the same thing - sending DNS to google