I have a router that has been reset to factory default settings. Now, when I try to log on to the Wi-Fi, it asks for a password, (but no user I’d). I need to know what the default password Is. any idea how to get it?

WiFi typically does not have a user ID just a key. Did you look at the label on the router?

Are you able to login to the admin interface and reset the password?

Not sure what you mean by “it asks for a password.” But if you are trying to join its wi-fi access point …
The default SSID is “Peplink-last 4 digit of serial number” or “Pepwave-last 4 digit of serial number” e.g. “Pepwave-4DSN”
The default AP password is the last 8 digits of the LAN MAC. So, if the LAN MAC of your device is 00-1A-DD-C1-E2-A0, the password is DDC1E2A0.
Do you see any of this information on the silver label on the bottom of the device?

That should get you started. Then, I’d suggest connecting to the router via ethernet to one of the LAN ports, setting up the device and changing the defaults. The factory default log-on credentials are also on the label to which I referred previously.

Do not confuse wi-fi password with the credentials needed to log on to the router.