Max BR1 - Verizon LTE

LTE signal available and strong. BR1 connects to 3G.

Tried “LTE Only” setting, and it hangs at “obtaining IP address”


i would check the APN to see that it is correct. I would verify with the carrier what the correct APN is and then define that in the BR1 under cellular details, switch to Customer Operator Settings, which will allow you to define APN.

Settings as they are now.

I believe vzwinternet is there most common APN to date, however I would still follow-up with them to ensure it is correct.

I am looking at another client with AT&T in great LTE area and they are stuck on 3G as well. Is there a firmware problem? One on 6.3.0, the other (verizon) on 6.3.2

Details from AT&T client

There is no firmware issue and you should not need to enter a manual APN, Auto should work just fine. Have you tried these SIMs in a different device to see if they connect to LTE?

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I just connected 5 BR1s to the Verizon network last week with the default settings and the latest firmware with zero issues. You’re not using a prepaid SIM that you can get off the rack at a big box retailer or out of an existing phone are you?

No. This sim has been in use for over a year and only started acting up with the new firmware. I reverted to 6.1.3s042 build 1860 and it’s back to using LTE.

Hi Intrepid,

As mentioned by Tim and goetzrc76, it shouldn’t be problem for MAX BR1 to connect to Verizon LTE network.

You may open a support ticket here for the team to look into it further.

Thanks and regards.

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I just acquired a prepaid SIM through Walmart. It installed and set up automatically, but was unable to establish an IP Connection. Any suggestions? I use a Pepwave MAX-BR1-LTE-US which Verizon says is compatible.


Hi John,

Have you put the SIM card into another device (e.g. your smartphone) to test? Working fine and managed to access internet?

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“You’re not using a prepaid SIM that you can get off the rack at a big box retailer or out of an existing phone are you?” What does that mean? Does that mean you can’t get a prepaid sim for the Peplink BR! Mini? I would like to be able to have the option of poping one of these in for testing purposes… Is there a way to do this?

Sorry, just saw this. It all depends on who your provider is I would guess. Verizon has certain SIMs for data devices and others for phones (it prevents you from taking your phone SIM with an unlimited data plan and using it for a data dedicated device that they’d be losing money on). Sprint, the last time I tried didn’t care what device my SIM was put in but I’m guessing if my data usage skyrocketed, they’d investigate further. It’s all about revenue stream and that’s why it is very rare to find an unlimited data plan for a data device. I’m fortunate enough to support a government customer that has access to unlimited data plans at very reasonable prices. There is no physical difference in the SIMs (unless you’re go from one size to the next), it has to do with the block of IMEIs allowed on the SIMs. Who is your provider?