MAX-BR1 to MAX-BR1 VPN Question

I needed to setup a temporary connection between two offices and used two MAX-BR1 units I had on hand. These were setup using wired WAN, not cellular with a dynamic public address at one end and a static at the other. First of all easiest VPN tunnel I’ve ever setup!

The question I have is about setting up a default route for Internet access over the VPN. The static BR1 is setup out on a public IP for the WAN with the LAN inside our network behind our normal firewall. If I access the Internet from the dynamic side over the VPN the connection is going out the static BR1’s WAN connection. I’m trying to redirect the internet access out another gateway on our LAN on the static side but haven’t been able to get it to work even when setting up routes in the routing table. Is this possible or would I need to put the BR1 behind our firewall and port forward required ports to it?

Also i noticed after making changes to one end the VPN status would be stuck on “starting” and never progress any further until rebooting the unit. Is that normal when making a change? Running 6.1.1 1524.


Hi Wheeler,

Appreciate if you can share the network diagram for better understanding.

For the problem of VPN that stuck on “Starting”, this is a know issue and will be fixed in v6.1.2.