MAX BR1 Slim - WAN port configured as LAN will not stick

Hello everyone. Just got a MAX BR1 Slim in for a project where we need 2 LAN ports. I have upgrade the router to 6.3.1 and when I configure the WAN as a LAN it doesn’t stick. I do have the router managed by incontrol so I don’t know if that is overwriting the settings in the web GUI.

Network>Port Settings>Click here to configure Ethernet WAN ports> Enable> Save> Apply

I then get kicked back to the dashboard page and the WAN is still a WAN port.

How do I fix this issue?

I just tried it with a unit on my desk and it sticks every time. After I hit apply I am redirected back to the dashboard and the Eth WAN port is gone. I also physically confirmed that the WAN port was indeed acting as a LAN port.

You could try to temporarily disable router management via IC2, otherwise please make sure your power source is able to provide 2A of current. Thanks.

So I factory defaulted the router then went in and configured the WAN port as a LAN port. Looks like the settings stuck. I then went in and turned on Incontrol management and a couple of minutes later the LAN port was back to a LAN port.

Is Incontrol supposed to control this feature? If so do you know where I can disable it from Incontrol?


Can you further check whether Bulk Configurator setting for the IC2 (Group Level settings) is enabled ? This will overwrite the device configuration if default configuration is uploaded.

For more information, please refer to the attached screenshot.

Please remove the configuration file if there is configuration file uploaded.

Else if the above can’t help. please open a support ticket here for the team to further investigate.

Thank You

This is what I see.


Can you share your ticket number here for us to further check on this ?

Thank you

Here you go: [Ticket #761929] MAR BR1 Slim - WAN configured as LAN will not stick


We are investigate on this and we will follow up with you using [Ticket #761929].

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I am experiencing the same results with a Max BR1 IP55 unit on 6.3.1 when on the 6.2 series I did not experience this behavior.

Hi thewireguys,

We manage to identified the issue. Tentatively we will apply the fix in IC2 latest today (06-05-2016).

Please stay tuned, we will give you posted when the fix applied.

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Hi Jared,

Can you please open a support here for us to further check whether this is related to the same issue ?

If this is related to the same issue and as posted tentatively we will apply the fix in IC2 latest today (06-05-2016)

Thank you

Hi All,

Sorry for the late, the fix applied.

Do let us know if any issue found and we are ready to help.

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