Max BR1 Sim selection


Trying to find out exactly how the Max BR1 determines which SIM card to use when no SIM slot is selected for the preference.

Let’s say a unit has a Sprint and a ATT chip, of which both are activated with the carrier. Does the unit actually compare the signal strengths of both carriers and then use the strongest one or does it just choose the first chip and carrier combination it finds first and use that regardless if it is the best signal or not?


If no SIM is selected as the preferred it will try SIM A and if there is no signal it will try SIM B, we do not check each SIM for the strongest signal.



I re-open this post so I don’t create a new one for the same topic.

Is Tim’s response still the case with last firmwares ? I mean is it still the case that the BR1 device will try SIM B only when there is no signal at all on SIM A, so doesn’t check each SIM for the strongest signal ?

In the same idea, is it possible to make the BR1 check SIM’s, during night for example, and use the one with the best signal?

I know about the “Optimal Network Discovery” option but I am not sure it is doing that as help specifies that it is a fallback to LTE in case of a 3G on one SIM.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi @svenbijvoet,

Yes, the secondary SIM-slot’s purpose is standard failover.
Failover will only occur once the preferred SIM-card loses connection (network failure).

However, you can solve this the other way around.
The company I work for supplies SIM-cards that automatically switch between operators and countries, based on signal quality.
A great example of an application for this type of SIM-cards is river cruises that sail on the Rhine river.