MAX BR1 signal scan at&t

I have a MAX-BR1-LTE-US-T device firmware v7.02 (i believe). I am looking to try and get to an AT&T data line connection. However, when I do a provider scan I do not see a AT&T LTE signal when the coverage map clearly define my area as being completely covered. Is my device CAPABLE of handling AT&T? If yes and the coverage maps are correct why would the signal scan ignore att alltogther?

  1. update the firmware
  2. update the cellular modem firmware
  3. look up your local cell towers, what providers are on them, and bands that are live
  4. cross reference against what bands your SKU has
  5. make sure you get the right SIM and plan that will work in the Peplink (data only device)
  6. make sure you have the right APN values etc
  7. consider trying the unit in different locations, outside of home/building, external antenna mounted with direct LoS (if possible) to cell tower
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@mystery’s advice is good. I’d start there. One additional note: The carrier’s “coverage maps” are just generalizations and are often constructed by their marketing organizations rather than their engineers. There are many issues with them, not the least of which are the assumptions made regarding subscriber equipment – antenna type, gain, elevation AGL, local path losses, Rayleigh fading, RX sensitivity, etc. The alternative is to use the crowd-sourced maps/depictions of coverage. Those too are shaky, at least in the USA. The least reliable variable in these summaries is probably the band in use at a given location/tower. This is doubly true as the carriers are moving toward 5G and changing frequency usage throughout their networks.

So, YMMV, but that’s our experience.

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Thanks for the reply’s but I think I can skip the lesson in wireless 101.


Is the MAX-BR1-LTE-US-T device capable of operating on the AT&T wireless network? And does the carrier scan for the device always pick up EVERY carrier in the area regardless?


@mystery and @Rick-DC

Thank you for your help :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:


Do allow me to help here. Based on the product code , your device should be a older model. Would you please private message me your device serial number so that i can help you to confirm your question ?

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