Max BR1 - RF Port Lighting Immunity?

I’d like some clarification on the “RF Port Lighting Immunity” on the BR1’s. I kept thinking it was ‘Lightning Immunity’ (‘Lightning’ with ‘N’ like in a thunderstorm) and might remove the need for a Lightning Arrestor on an external antenna. But now I see that it actual says “Lighting” (without the ‘n’, like turn the Lights On). So what exactly is ‘RF Port Lighting Immunity’?

On the 3G Store, on details for the BR1…they show it has ‘RF Port Lighting Immunity’. But on the PepLink website, it shows that Lighting Immunity is only included on the IP55 units. I pointed that out to the 3G Store on live chat and they said they verified with PepLink that the standard BR1’s (not just the 155’s) have Lighting Immunity. So it would also be great to clear that up as well.



Hi John,

It is supposed to be lightning with an N, that is a typo and we will get it fixed. Our website is correct, this feature is available on the outdoor IP55-rated products and not the indoor version.


Thanks Tim. Would you provide some details on what the Lightning Immunity does? We have a client that needs an antenna extended out of a building and mounted to a radio tower. So they are asking about a Lightning Arrestor. We’re trying to compare that route with the BR1 or perhaps going with the BR1 155 but wanted to understand more about just what the RF Port Lightning Immunity does.



It means the RF port can handle a surge of up to 1.5 kV without damaging the PCB/electronic circuitry of the device.

If you are going to use the indoor BR1 then it would be a good idea to use a lightning arrestor in-line with the tower mounted antenna.

Hi John, the typo has now been fixed, thanks for catching it!

I have similar doubt regarding MAX-HD4-MBX-LTEA: are the RF ports internally protected against overvoltage which can come through feeders from antenna on the roof? If no, which vendor and type of overvoltage arresters are recommended by Peplink, or what a clamping voltage is required?
Thank you

@m.jungst, the MAX HD4-MBX is an indoor model, like the MAX BR1, so it is recommended to install an in-line lightning arrestor with appropriate LPL (Lightning Protection Level) for the deployment.