MAX BR1 Remote Desktop

I have a MaxBR1 that I am using for remote connectivity in trucks. There is a laptop that hangs off of the BR1 via Ethernet. When the truck returns to the bay, a shoreline WAN connection is plugged in to the BR1 via ethernet to offload heavy data applications from cellular to the corporate network. The network priority is the WAN connection. When the ethernet is plugged in to provide the WAN connectivity, I am able to connect to all of my network drives via the laptop, and access network applications. The problem I am having is I am unable to use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop product to access the laptop from a desktop that is on the network. I can access the desktop on the network from the laptop plugged into the BR1 using Remote Desktop, but not the other way around. Any suggestions?

Set up a port forwarder for TCP 3389 to the laptop off of the BR1. You may also need to create an inbound firewall rule to allow tcp 3389 from WAN to LAN.

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It sounds like the desktop is on the WAN side and the laptop is on the LAN side is that correct? If so then as jmjones mentioned you will need to add some access list rules to the firewall to allow RDP inbound.

By default it wont allow anything inbound, but it will allow internally (LAN) initiated sessions outbound (to WAN) so that is why it works one way round at the moment.

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