Max BR1 Pro - Cycles Connecting and Scanning with WifI as Wan

I have a Pepwave MAX BR1 Pro With Firmware: 8.1.2s122 build 4912

This is my first trip with my new Max BR1 Pro setup. I have the SIM card for TMobile working fine.

I am trying to get my Starlink Internet working with WiFi as WAN and the Connection just sits there spinning with a Connecting message. Sometimes it then goes back to Scanning.

I have removed the profile several times and re connected. I am able to connect to the Startlink WiFi just fine from my phones and PC’s, just not my Router.

I have seen that some others have this issue but I can’t find a solution in the other posts.
Any help appreciated.


I believe there were some bugs with WiFi WAN in the early firmware for the BR1 Pro 5G.

Have you tried upgrading to 8.2 and see if the issue resolves itself? I’d actually suggest trying the 8.2.1 beta available from this pot as it fixes a couple of other bugs with that model.