MAX BR1 Pro Cat 20 Wifi as Lan connection problems

I am having problems when trying to connect my BR1 Pro cat 20 to campground wifi. It stays in a connecting/searching loop and never connects to the wifi.

After clicking on the wifi networks button and selecting my network with the Password it gives a star/check next to the wifi. On the page where you can choose priorities it stays in the connecting loop.

I have tried on two different networks, one with WPA2 and one which is open, and both do not connect.

Also I have not been able to find firmware for this device on peplinks website. I am running 8.1.2 firmware and cannot find an update, through the auto update or on the website.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Brian. I’m goign to let someone else help with the wi-fi issue as I’d want a similar device in front of me to best answer. But I can say the easiest way to update your firmware is to go to System → Firmware and ask the router to check for you! 8.2.0 was just released (with a lot of improvements and fixes.) See below.

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The firmware update ended up fixing the issue. I had just checked last night and there was no firmware update available. Thanks for the help!

Good! You did not find it last night because the GA FW had not been released yet. Although the RC3 FW is the same as the GA beta and RC FW must me installed manually – it can’t be found, obtained and installed via the GUI.