Max br1 pro 5G

Does the max br1 pro 5G work with Verizon yet? Bought it a week ago

I unboxed BR1 Pro 5G this monday and it worked straight away with an existing VZW post-paid hotspot SIM I was using in another Peplink CAT18 device.

It is connecting to 5G on 850mhz DSS/NSA. I also noticed that its doing 4band CA where as my CAT18 peplinks would only ever achieve 3band CA on VZW against the same tower. The CAT20 modem apparently can do better CA than CAT18 which was somewhat surprising…

FWIW, BR1 Pro 5G also working fine with ATT post-paid data-only SIM. The ATT tower near my home does not appear to be using any 5G DSS yet, but the ATT speeds are stellar w/o 5G as-is.

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thanks man i appreciate the response, right as ill get home ill go and throw my sim in there

I have been using a MAX BR1 Pro 5G with all three major US carriers without issue, including Verizon, both pre-paid and post-paid.

I have noticed some performance and connection challenges which I documented here:

Hi Steve, I just got a MAX BR1 PRo 5G. I tried to buy a data only SIM card from Verizon but they say the router is not supported yet per the IEIM number I provided. I also tried to get one from t-mobile, but they say I will need to use their modem and connector that to the router. So not a lot of luck yet…

Do you mind providing some details as to which plans you have currently and that work with the router?

Can’t speak to Verizon compatibility, but I’ve a TMO SIM in the MAX BR1 Pro 5G sitting here. It’s just a plain old “add a line” SIM, not a data-only SIM, but it worked right out of the gate, no problem.

I have used plans from TMO, ATT and VZW in the BR1 Pro. All of the plans are hotspot or pre-paid plans that have been known to work with Peplink products. I’ve listed the ones I know that work on my site, and there are a lot of other good resources that have similar lists.