Max BR1 Pro 5g will not connect to ATT

Recently Rcv unit and outside the 2.4 Wi-Fi not working have not had any issues. Had to order a new nano sim from att and cannot get a connected status, shows bars and type of connection shows and unit does not hold connnection. Att tech online says he can see if connecting but that it not holding the connection

any solution or thoughts from anyone?


What AT&T plan? You sure its compatible?

Have you set APN manually?

You also said WiFi WAN not working? So nothing is connecting?

Is the unit brand new? Where did you buy from?

Att plan I’d data connect 40 post paid plan. According to ATT is is compatible. Did not set the apn manually. Att tech suggested it should be set automatidally. Wi-Fi is now fixed. Peplink CSR sent me a firmware upgrade to fix it. so now both Wi-Fi wan are connecting. Unit is brand new. Bought at Amazon

open to ideas to fix. SIM card is now locked and ATT couldn’t unlock it. Going to ATT store for another this morning

Out of curiosity, how did the sim card become locked?

by the Att rep trying to ditch it between data plans

All, the issue has been resolved. Required update to firmware 8.2.0 for both routers the pro 5g and the mini. Before update the router recognized the card as t mobile and would never complete the handshake for connection despite changing any settings

thank you to the forum for your help

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