MAX BR1 Pro 5G - WAN/ 5G Load Balancing?

Hi All,

I was wondering if the MAX BR1 Pro 5G functions as a load balancer between WAN to mobile data, here is the setup I have in mind (for a boat):

  1. Starlink Internet for WAN connectivity (priority source)
  2. Mobile data as fallback (secondary source)
  3. LAN into network SWITCH

It is unclear to me if it is possible to set priority on the MAX BR1 Pro 5G and use mobile data against WAN as fallback when WAN is unavailable.

Thank you in advance for giving this a thought,


Yes. Failover is supported. Nothing special needed except to drag and drop the ethernet interface above the cellular interface.

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Thank you for confirming

Dont plan on Starlink working well on a boat that is not fixed well to a stationary dock, at this time.