MAX BR1 Pro 5G Verizon plan change problem (Solved)

My MAX BR1 Pro 5G has been working great on Verizon 5G NSA and 4G LTE with a “Connected Device” data plan linked to a “Do More” phone post-paid plan. The router data plan was a deprecated “Unlimited Plus” 30GB plan, which I wanted to upgrade to the new “Plus” 50GB plan.

My attempts to upgrade the plan all failed as long as the plan SIM card was installed in the BR1 5G, including using MyVerizon app, Verizon website, and multiple calls with Verizon L1 and L2 tech support. The L2 support tech said their system would not allow the current plan to be changed while linked to the Peplink device IMEI.

SOLUTION: I then moved the SIM card to a spare Verizon Orbic Jetpack I have and connected to the Verizon network. The MyVerizon app refreshed to show the SIM plan was now linked to the Orbic, and allowed me to change the plan with no problem. Moved the SIM back to the BR1 5G and all good.

So even though the Verizon “Check My Device Compatibility” tool now shows the BR1 Pro 5G IMEI as supported, and the device works on the Verizon network, the Verizon plan provisioning systems are not recognizing this device as supported in this scenario. I do not know what the result would be for a new device plan that does not involve an upgrade from an old deprecated plan.


Several plans ago I did something similar…find a jetpack on eBay with picture that exposes the IMEI. Plug that IMEI into BYOD enrollment. #solved