Max BR1 Pro 5G Verizon NSA low band

Just trying to confirm there is no issue connecting to Verizon 5G low band NSA with the BR1. Moved my sim over from my 8800L jetpack and connected and works great but only shows LTE-A connection on band 66 and 13. My iPhone 13 at same location is on 5G NSA overlay n66.

Tried swapping sims with iPhone to make sure it that wasn’t the issue, iPhone connected 5G with jetpack number, BR1 connected LTE-A.

I did see 5G NSA show up once when I first connected with my jetpack sim after getting the BR1 but only for a short time, never again.

Not sure if Verizon is pushing me to LTE, or the BR1 is preferring LTE. Tried band locking to 5G only (which is a pain with all checkboxes) and just sat connecting…

Speed are nearly identical here so not a big issue yet, but would like to know it working on Verizon 5G especially once C-Band is working.

More diagnostics about which bands are available in the area would be nice to as mentioned in a another thread to help troubleshoot.

I notice a simaliar issue as the BR1 5G with C-Band NSA.

Based on another post here the BR1 5G does not yet support C band on Verizon and will need another firmware update to do so, see here: BR1 MAX 5G C-Band

For me where I am now on Verizon which is using dynamic spectrum sharing to overlay 5G on the 4G low bands my iPhone 13 is currently on 5G consistently but the BR1 is on LTE-A. Speed are similar, DSS doesn’t help much there but I just want to confirm the BR1 can do 5G with DSS and make sure its not some account provisioning issue.

I have the BR1 Max Pro 5G as well, just tried to get the Postpaid data with Verizon and they said the router is not compatible with their data plans. How did you get a data plan with Verizon?

As I said in the first post I already had a 8800L jetpack on my plan with my phones, I just took the sim out of the jetpack and put it in the BR1 and it worked fine.

Thank you, I saw that - was hoping that there was another way.

Still trying to figure out the 5G capability on Verizon with the BR1. I am currently in a C-Band 5G area and the BR1 is just on LTE-A, meanwhile my iPhone 13 is currently on 5G in the same spot and switched to C band UW outside.

I have seen the BR1 get on 5G low-band a few times but it seem pretty rare, would be nice to have some details as to why the BR1 cannot get on 5G, is Verizon steering it or is the X55 modem not as capable as the X60 on my iPhone the main reason, or simply software/firmware from Peplink?