Max BR1 Pro 5G setup help

I purchased my unit from Amazon and I’m looking for some basic instruction for set up. I’m fairly tech savvy but setting up a router ain’t what it used to be. :slight_smile:
Here are my questions:

  1. Making sure I inserted ATT Sim cards correctly. I have two so I put the top one in metal facing down and the bottom one metal facing up. Seems to fit fine - not forced.
  2. It’s connected to antenna and powered up. Status and Wifi lights green. Carrier light still blinking green off and on after almost 2 hours? Just wait?
  3. InControl shows it’s offline. I set up the basic information it prompted me for (Serial #, Group, Model, Tag, Password) but still not Active.
  4. InControl Dashboard next to Firmware: Click here to download the latest - fw-br1c-8.1.2s109-build4899. I use a Mac, do I need a PC to install firmware (.bin file)?
    Is the lack of the latest firmware the issue? Could it be an issue with the ATT card? I took unit to store and purchased Prepaid card so it should work with this unit.


Here are some useful links to get you started.
Where to submit a ticket and a lot of other useful information
5g FAQ
Br1 pro 5g FAQ
Device setup/Primer
User manual