MAX BR1 pro 5G not connecting after firmware 8.2.1 update

My MAX BR1 5G is a spinning wheel trying to connect to my Verizon SIMS. Swapped out the SIMS & they work in my JetPack, just no luck in there BR1. The AIGEAN Wifi, which goes through the BR1 is working fine. Spoke with Verizon & everything is good on their end. Any suggestions out there?

Have you tried a power cycle where you remove the power cable?

I had this issue and only after “randomly” trying a power cycle this way, it worked!

Many restarts made no difference. A “cold boot” does something extra

Tried several times & still nothing.

I’d suggest two things: (1) double-check the APN is exactly the same as given you by Verizon and the same as in the “brand x” device t works. (2) Confer with th Peplink Pertne from whom you bought the router.

I think it’s unlikely it is a hardware issue. (I agree with the suggestion provided by @erickufrin even though it may not have worked this time.)

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I have the same BR1 Pro 5G hardware and am also using Verizon wireless with a static IP address. Static IP requires custom APN to work. Upgraded from 8.2.0 to 8.2.1 today and cellular would no longer connect. The cellular status is stuck at “connecting”.

Tried hard power cycle and rolling back firmware to 8.2.0 by selecting the other firmware bank and rebooting. Neither have fixed the issue. Set APN to “vzwinternet” for testing, still no connection.

not sure where to go next. Is there a way to turn on debug logging for the cellular connection?

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Issue resolved for me. I opened a ticket with Peplink and they provided a dev firmware version to install. That firmware fixed the issue right away. The ticket number is 22061377 and the firmware version they provided was 8.2.1s027 build 5039. Recommend opening a ticket with them and referencing mine if you’re having this issue.


My peplink MAX BR1 PRO 5G was working fine till May 8 and now it’s doing the same as yours it’s trying to connect but keeps spinning looking for my Vverizon Business Plan Service but don’t connect to the tower anymore this device gets very hot especially if a little sunlight is shining through the window. I can access the menu’s ok. I did a full reset which put it back to factory them set the cellular and WiFi connections with no success. I need to talk to someone this is bullshit no phone number. No one should pay this kind of money with no phone support. Nothing is helpful for instance how do you tell what version sim injector firmware you have. And when the unit was working I think it was on 8.2.0 now its on 8.2.1. IS that supposed to be updated. When it was working there were 2 versions of firmware in this unit and I could go back to origina. Now there is only one. $1079.00 and it’s a day hot paper wait. I spent 3 days back and forth to Verizon with no success but they are sending me another sim.
Frank Giammattei. Feel free to call 845-562-7484 but text me first or email at [email protected]. So I can call you back. Just give me a dam technician to talk to not this bullshit back and forth waiting for answers. Because I will post all over the internet how this piece of crap has no phone support and high price tag for something that doesn’t work or may burn your camper or car ur it gets so hot.